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On: Dreams

I mean actual dreams while sleeping, not dreams that are aspirations. I tend to have very disturbing dreams. I don’t necessarily wake up screaming, but I’ve been told I talk or sometimes do a form of singing in my sleep. I have the tendency to forget many of them, which is fortunate if they’re disturbing. […]

More on Yoga

I’m still trying to figure out my schedule. (I’ve also been distracted, mailing wedding invitations and out of town, so there are those excuses on the table.) Part of self-care is holding myself accountable in a way that is compassionate to myself, so I want to share that I changed my yoga schedule last weekend. […]

On: #MeToo (the last of a few)

(Hopefully forever.) As posed in my last #MeToo post, interpersonal relationships at work are challenging–how’s that for corporate jargon? They’re complicated because, no matter which way you look at it, a corporation is a melting pot of hundreds nay thousands of people from different backgrounds, generations, cultures, educational levels, core values, beliefs, etc. You could […]